Minggu, 09 September 2007

KDE 4.0 Beta 2 Released

Yap, thats right! Selangkah lagi menuju final released KDE 4.0 yang dijadwalkan akan dirilis Desember 2007 nanti. Apa progres yang sudah dicapai rilis beta 2 ini? Berikut petikan dari situs resmi KDE tentang rilis terbaru mereka:

The KDE Community proudly presents the second Beta release for KDE 4.0. This release marks the beginning of the feature freeze and the stabilization of the current codebase. Simultaneously the KOffice developers have released their third Alpha release, marking significant improvements in this innovative office suite. Both KDE and KOffice have benefited from the Google Summer of Code, as most resulting code has now been merged.
Since the libraries were frozen with the first Beta, KDE developers have been adding features and functionality to their applications. Now it is time to start polishing these features; writing and translating documentation, improving the usability, and completing the artwork. As KDE 4.0 is feature-frozen now, going into bugfixing mode, major ideas and changes will be held off until 4.1. However, some KDE components, such as Plasma, are exempt from this freeze and will still see significant improvements.

Yang intinya, sekarang sudah sampai tahap pemantapan dan stabilisasi. Jadi silaken countdown dari sekarang buat update ke KDE 4.0

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